KoeGer Science originated from the organic synthetic route development of two renowned scientists, Dr Johan Koekemoer and Dr Gert Lourens. KoeGer Science was started in 2010 to address in-house manufacturing needs as a research facility. Since then, it has been converted into a contract manufacturing operation with an engineering, quality and GMP infrastructure and strong research support at a molecular level.


KoeGer Science endeavours to be a leading international developer and manufacturer of unique and inimitable chemical products, active pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical product administration solutions, addressing highly specialised, small quantity requirements for unique and rare applications


The molecular research team at KoeGer Science is focused on the development and improvement of new synthetic routes, and are also continuously looking for development of new products. The team collaborates with universities and other institutions to enhance our characterization capabilities and strengthen our organic synthetic knowledge. Research forms the foundation of KoeGer Science and supports the other divisions. Our services include:

  • Custom small molecule synthesis
  • Enhancement of synthetic routes
  • Development of carriers
  • Development of routes of synthesis of APIs
  • cGMP API manufacturing
  • Development of method validations
  • Formulation changes
  • Specialised chemistry for other industries