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Specialised Veterinary Pharmacy Services and Global Medicine Distribution


At Wildlife Pharmaceuticals, we are dedicated to global wildlife management and committed to providing top-quality veterinary medicines. Our products are specifically developed with the wildlife veterinarian in mind, ensuring their effectiveness and safety in diverse animal care scenarios.

As a licensed pharmacy approved by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority, we hold product registrations in both South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. Veterinarians can use our range of veterinary medicines with confidence, knowing they have been carefully crafted our experiences team with extensive in-field knowledge.

Our commitment to ongoing research and development drives us to stay at the forefront of veterinary care innovation. With a passion for wildlife conservation, we aim to make a positive contribution to the well-being of animals worldwide. Choose Wildlife Pharmaceuticals for reliable and high-quality veterinary medicines developed by dedicated pharmacists. Join us in our mission to improve wildlife management and promote the welfare of animals globally.


At Wildlife Pharmaceuticals, our relentless pursuit of innovation drives us to become a global leader in the development, registration, and distribution of specialised veterinary medicines. Our mission is clear: to provide veterinarians worldwide with easy access to these vital products, fostering the advancement of veterinary medicine and wildlife management.

As a dedicated veterinary pharmacy, we understand the importance of catering to the unique needs of veterinarians and wildlife professionals. We specialise in developing pharmaceutical solutions that are safe and effective, ensuring the well-being of both animals and ecosystems.

Our commitment to veterinary medicine and the conservation of wildlife is unwavering. We strive to offer a comprehensive range of products designed to meet the specific requirements of wildlife animals.

With Wildlife Pharmaceuticals, you can have confidence in the products you use. We’re not just a pharmacy; we’re a partner in the progress of veterinary medicine and wildlife preservation.




Wildlife Pharmaceuticals specialises in the local and international distribution of scheduled veterinary medicines. Our dedicated team, including expert pharmacists, possesses in-house experience in regulatory affairs and product lifecycle management of sterile veterinary parenteral products. We are committed to sharing this expertise with you.

Our comprehensive range of services includes acting as the applicant for medicine registrations, dossier compilation, submission, and product lifecycle management. Trust us for efficient local and international distribution of scheduled medicines, as well as Section 21 applications and importation of unregistered products into South Africa. Experience cutting-edge research and innovation with our Research & Development department, actively engaged in non-clinical and clinical trial design and execution. We actively participate in several ongoing in-house, contractual, and collaborative research projects. Choose Wildlife Pharmaceuticals for top-quality veterinary medicines and regulatory support, backed by our team of pharmacy professionals.

In summary, our service include:

  • Acting as the applicant for medicine registrations
  • Dossier compilation, submission & and product lifecycle management 
  • Local and international distribution of scheduled medicines 
  • Section 21 applications and importation of unregistered products into South Africa


"Make a difference in wildlife healthcare today! Explore our range of specialised wildlife veterinary solutions."

Empowering wildlife care with cutting-edge solutions. At Wildlife Pharmaceuticals, we offer specialised products for the chemical immobilisation of wild and exotic animals. Our comprehensive range of products includes anaesthetics, sedatives, tranquilisers and antidotes as well as advanced Pneu-dart dart guns and darts, designed for precise delivery of medication. With our top-tier solutions, veterinarians worldwide can safely and effectively manage and care for diverse animal species, contributing to the conservation efforts and welfare of wildlife populations globally.

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