Unlock the power of precision and efficiency with Pneu-dart’s cutting-edge telemetry darts, including the groundbreaking 414 PLL (Phase Lock Loop) transmitter dart. These transmitter darts are equipped with advanced microprocessor control and state-of-the-art solid-state components, delivering unparalleled accuracy in tracking darted animals.

The key to these remarkable telemetry darts is their exceptional performance. With an impressive effective range of up to 2.4 kilometers, the Pneu-dart transmitter darts provide an extended reach that’s perfect for tracking wildlife in diverse terrains. Whether you’re in open fields or dense forests, you can trust these telemetry darts to keep you connected with your subjects.

What sets these transmitter darts apart is their extended battery life, offering up to 12 continuous hours of transmission. This means you can track your darted animals over an entire day, ensuring you never lose an animal.

Pneu-dart offers a range of options to suit your specific needs. Choose from 1cc darts with ¾“ – 2½“ cannulas, 2cc darts with ¾“ – 2½“ cannulas, or 3cc darts with ¾“ – 2½“ cannulas, allowing you to select the perfect dart size for your requirements. The flexibility of these options ensures that you can tailor your dart selection to the species you are tracking.

When you invest in the 414 PLL Transmitter Kit, you get everything you need to get started with precision tracking. The kit includes 1 PPL transmitter dart, 1 practice slug for familiarisation, 5 durable polycarbonate antenna housings, 2 silver oxide batteries for extended usage, and a magnetic key for easy and secure attachment.

Upgrade your wildlife management practices with Pneu-dart’s transmitter darts. Experience unmatched precision, extended range, and long-lasting battery life while effortlessly tracking darted animals. Whether you’re a seasoned wildlife veterinarian or you are new to the field of wildlife darting, these telemetry darts will become an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Elevate your tracking capabilities with Pneu-dart today.


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