The Pneu-dart Model 389 dart rifle stands as the pinnacle of dart projector technology, offering unrivaled versatility, pinpoint accuracy, and unmatched consistency. This innovative dart rifle is specifically engineered for professionals in the field, offering a hinged, breach-loading dart barrel capable of accommodating a wide range of dart sizes. With the incorporation of pioneering Airflow Control Ports (ACP) technology, this cutting-edge dart rifle aligns the exiting gas at the muzzle, effectively eradicating the notorious “tail-kick” often associated with dart rifles.

Notably, the Pneu-dart Model 389 dart rifle boasts a user-friendly five-position power control mechanism, thoughtfully relocated closer to the shooter for added convenience. This design enhancement ensures that power adjustment is not only quick and seamless but also conducted in absolute silence, granting shooters the utmost precision and safety across varying shot distances.

The Pneu-dart Model 389 redefines the standards for dart rifles with its versatility, precision, and consistency. It’s the ideal tool for professionals who demand top-tier performance in the field, providing them with the confidence and reliability required for their crucial work.


  • 389 stock and action – Marlin Model XT .22 caliber 5 shot clip (Model 389 ships with 3-9 × 32mm scope)
  • Dart barrel – 13mm caliber 19″ rifled barrel with Airflow Control Ports
  • Dart action – Break open breech loading
  • Cartridges – CCI 22 caliber blank power loads
  • Weight – 4.3 kg
  • Power control – 5 position
  • Range – up to 65m with 1 cc  Type ‘C’ or Type ‘U’ disposable darts
  • Front and rear quick detachable sling swivels included
  • Supplied with a scope and a rifle case
  • Only available in black or nickel-plated finish


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